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Life stories, lessons, and loves saved for future generations


TSOLife provides two solutions to preserving your loved one's legacy.



The TSOLife platform is the complete solution for legacy preservation. We believe that no grandchild should ever have to wonder what their grandparents were like, and we see this through by providing life documentation through an easy-to-use app and mini life documentaries. Relive memories with your loved ones and share their stories with future family members.




Two ways to preserve your loved one's legacy: 




The TSOLife App for Individuals

Preserving family records can be difficult, between keepsakes, memorabilia, notes, photos, and everything in between. Through the TSOLife app, easily secure all  of life's precious moments all in one place. See how you can start an account today: 


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We all have stories to tell and lessons to pass down. Through our documentary program, you can capture the finer details of you or your loved one's life and memories. Tell stories, be heard, and preserve your legacy. See how our documentaries work:


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