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The TSOLife App for Individuals




With our easy-to-use app, you can quickly upload audio files, images, and video to keep them all in a safe place for future viewing. We take things from there organizing your files, transcribing any audio, and creating timelines and story maps giving you an interactive way to experience the lives of your loved ones. Recording life events and stories today is the best way to preserve your family's legacy for the generations of tomorrow.





How It Works: The Easy-to-Use App






1. Download the TSOLife App

Download the TSOLife app from the App store. Anyone with an iOS device can sign up for free.





2. Enter your code

Sign up below to receive your access code from your support agent. Follow the instructions given in the app to create your account.



3. Preserve your loved one's stories

You can record your loved one's stories via audio, record a video, or capture photos. Once a recording is complete, it's automatically uploaded to our software that does all of the transcribing and sorting into your online profile.



4. Enjoy your loved one's online profile

Once your loved one's stories and/or photos and videos are uploaded, we do the heavy lifting! Audio interviews are transcribed and added onto your loved one's story wall. You'll also be able to hear your loved one's voice tell the stories! Family members who receive access to a loved one's story wall and timeline will have access 24/7 and indefinitely. 






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Individual App Account: $14.99 per month

Each additional interviewee: $7.99 per month


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